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Discover the future of nutrient supplementation with Valimenta’s proprietary CELLg8® Next Generation Liposomal Delivery technology. Valimenta doctor-formulated products powered by CELLg8 offer a safe and organic way to deliver nutrients to our cells while providing maximum absorption throughout the body.
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Next Generation Liposomal Delivery

Are you absorbing the nutrients your body deserves?

The difference between your everyday supplements and Valimenta's lies in its delivery method. Valimenta's proprietary CELLg8 Next Generation Liposomal Delivery system naturally creates liposomes to be protective “capsules” that allow for rapid delivery and maximum nutrient absorption of supplements. Using doctor-formulated CELLg8® next-generation liposomal delivery, Valimenta has changed the game in delivering meaningful nutrients to your body!


    While your everyday vitamins and supplements hold many health benefits, the majority of their active compounds can be destroyed during digestion because the stomach will vaporize more vitamins than it absorbs. Liposomes are the breakthrough in nutrient delivery, protecting the active nutrients allowing for higher absorption into the bloodstream.
  • What are lipids & liposomes?
    Nature has given us a unique and protective tool to thwart the destructive acids in our stomach: lipids. These natural fat molecules, lipids, are unique in that they tend to persist longer in the gut, remaining intact beyond the stomach into the intestines. Liposomes are simply lipids filled with vitamins, minerals, botanicals, or other active compounds, combined to create a safe and effective method to deliver nutrients into the bloodstream allowing for higher absorption and efficacy.
  • Why is liposome the best delivery method?
    Your body naturally produces liposomes from nutrients in food via the digestive system. Thanks to the natural protective elements of lipids, the nutrients in liposomes mimic the natural absorption process, remaining fully intact through the digestive system. Once the liposome effectively delivers the nutrients, they themselves become nutrition for your brain, liver and cells as they are critical components in your body.
  • The Infinite Solution: CELLg8® Next Generation Liposomal Delivery
    Valimenta’s proprietary CELLg8® technology delivers maximum nutrient absorption throughout the body with a no heat, no high-pressure process, and organic top-quality ingredients. Wrapped in fat molecules, vitamins and active compounds are protected from our stomach acid, for dramatically longer availability in the body. Valimenta supplements powered by CELLg8® technology have been proven to be more bioavailable with higher absorption than traditional vitamins and supplements.
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CELLg8® Next Generation Liposomal Delivery has been clinically proven to enhance the absorption
of multiple vitamins, minerals and herbs

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While high doses of regular vitamin C powder or capsules will be rejected at high rates from your body, Liposomal Vitamin C is a fantastic alternative.
Figure 1 shows that, compared with “normal” Vitamin C ingestion (single dose of 4 g), ingestion of Liposomal Vitamin C (also 4 g) leads to appreciably greater circulating Vitamin C concentrations. Hence, liposomes facilitate Vitamin C delivery to the blood. Having structural analysis and some pictures is nice; however, our interest is in function and achieving the intended goal; with that said, we did include a particle distribution graph at the head of this section.

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The next step in the study is to determine if the Vitamin C concentration is meaningful. In this regard, an ischemia reperfusion study was performed. Ischemia describes any tissue that has been deprived of blood and oxygen.
Reperfusion occurs when the blood and oxygen supply is returned. Unfortunately, reperfusion can cause massive oxidative stress on your cardiovascular system, as the oxygen interacts with metabolites produced by the oxygen-deprived tissues. Per the blue line in the Figure 2, oxidative stress was reduced even during the increased oxidative stress of reperfusion.

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Another step in our study is to characterize size ranges for our formulations.
We have been making Liposomal Vitamin C with a peak particle size of 85 nm (nanometers) and with 92% of the particles being between 60 and 172 nm.
This tight distribution is indicative of the reproducible and highly controlled manufacturing methodology we’ve invented.

Learn more about published and ongoing clinical studies at

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Over ten years ago, Dr. Blair discovered a natural method to form liposomes, which Valimenta applies to producing their liposomal products. Because this method is derived from nature, their process is unique and does not require high pressure, high temperature, or toxic synthetic chemicals.

Dr. Blair has formulated over 100 unique liposomal formulas that have successfully been brought to market. Several of his formulas have been recognized at SupplySide West—the largest conference for product manufacturers and formulators—as one of the top five anti-oxidant formulas and winner at one of the conferences.

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Dr. Emek Blair, Ph.D
Founder & Chief Scientist - Valimenta Labs

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